Monday, April 13, 2009

Wavves - So Bored + To The Dregs 7"

Two weeks ago, I saw Wavves and Vampire Hands at Mercury Lounge. I hate going to shows on Monday nights but it was pretty fun nonetheless. There was also a Steve Buscemi doppelganger (not really but close) standing in front of me the whole time. He reminded me of the poor kid in my homeroom who had the unfortunate nickname "Golf Ball Head." While I was buying these records over the weekend, I saw the Vampire Hands lp but didn't think it was worth 25 big ones. 

Wavves - So Bored/To The Dregs 7"


  1. hey, could you do me a huge favor. if you have both of the wavves albums, could you post them. i'm having some trouble finding them.

  2. i don't post full albums. sorry. if you google wavves + mediafire you should find what you're looking for.