Thursday, March 26, 2009

Video Thursday!

When I was studying abroad in Manchester, UK I went to a karaoke night and someone picked this song and the whole place sang along. One of my favorite songs from high school.

My best friend got me into Cibo Matto after she saw the real Know Your Chicken video on 120 minutes. We used to sing it to her mom while she made dinner. I'm pretty sure she thought we were nuts/on the drugs. After watching this video, I kind of miss the way girls/women dressed in the 90s. 

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Eggs - A Pit With Spikes 7"

I bought this 7" over the weekend at Other Music. When I brought it up to the register, the cashier did a double take at it then looked at me and smiled. I'm not sure if his smile said "wow, i haven't thought about this record in awhile. awesome!" or "haha why are you buying this 7" that was shitty when it came out 16 years ago?"

I only went to the second night of the Teen Beat Anniversary show at the Black Cat but apparently Eggs was one of the most anticipated reunions. Getting drunk on oil cans of Fosters and jumping up and down to Tuscadero was definitely good enough for me. This 7" is still available for sale from the Teen Beat site.

The Notwist - Boneless 7"

I'm not a huge fan of their latest album "The Devil You and Me" but I do like this track a lot. The Panda Bear remix on the B side is great but it sounds more like one of his tracks off of Person Pitch than a Notwist remix. Still a pretty great spring jam.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Parasol Records 7"s

So over the weekend I ripped the Sarge 7" with their cover of Cyndi Lauper's Time After Time. Sarge was on Parasol Records, who were also very cool about sending me free records for my radio show in college. Then while I was at the record store over the weekend, I saw this Busy Toby 7" which is also on Parasol. I've never heard of them but decided to pick it up anyway. I just put it on this afternoon and was pleasantly surprised. Right away I realized they sounded a lot like this other band I liked called Wolfie. With a little research, I came up with this...connecting all three bands! 

"The side project of Wolfie singer/bassist Joe Ziemba and his fiancee, singer/keyboardist Amanda Lyons, indie-pop combo Busytoby first began taking shape in mid-1996. Originally dubbed Stereotomy, they distributed copies of their debut cassette The Human Is the Keyboard’s Motor in 1997; although Wolfie remained Ziemba and Lyons’ primary creative outlet, the duo (who had subsequently acquired a vintage Wurlitzer organ) soon recorded another cassette, You Love the Crickets, and — with the addition of then-Sarge bassist Rachel Switzky — changed their name to Busytoby. A single, “Me, My Drums and You,” appeared on Parasol in 1998, and after adding keyboardist Jenny Mangun, Busytoby played their first live dates. As grad school forced Switzky to relinquish her duties, the remaining trio released their first full-length effort, It’s Good to Be Alive, in the fall of 1999."

Silver Scooter - A Tribute to Phone Calls 7"

Silver Scooter kind of sound like Death Cab for Cutie. They did a split album with Cursive in '99 that was released on Crank! (also home to The Regrets, Vitreous Humor and Mineral.) Apparently this 7" is still available even though it's 10 years old. Go here to buy. The B side is a cover of The Cure's In Between Days.

Tiger Trap/Henry's Dress - Astronautical Music Festival 7"

I found this 7" at City Lights in State College, PA. The Tiger Trap song isn't as poppy as most of their other stuff but it's still pretty good. The quality of these MP3s isn't the greatest but it was the best I could get. This 7" was released on Slumberland.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Psychic Ills - Mental Violence I 7"

I got this 7" when it was self released 6 years ago and I've only listened to it like 2 or 3 times. Since I'm going to see them with Spectrum next month I decided to break it out and give it another listen. It's a lot better than I remember. 

Spiritualized - Any Way That You Want Me 7"

I also found this 7" in the office of my old radio station. I believe it was part of Sub Pop's singles club but I could be wrong.

Jejune/Jimmy Eat World 7"

The only time I saw Jimmy Eat World was on my 19th birthday at Coney Island High. I'm pretty sure the Delta 72 and At the Drive In played as well but that might have been another show. On the drive home I went west on Canal and almost ended up in New Jersey. 

Jejune/Jimmy Eat World 7"

Cub - Hot Dog Day 7"

I know I really should like Cub. They have all the makings of a band I would really like but for some reason I don't love them. This 7 inch is pretty good though, especially the song My Chinchilla. 

Cub - Hot Dog Day 7"

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Video Thursday

I was so busy ripping 7 inches that I almost forgot about video thursday. The video below is by Spiritualized for the song Electricity. I just ripped their 7" on Sub Pop so expect that soon.

So I'm going to see Spectrum next month with Cheval Sombre and I think the Psychic Ills (just ripped one of their 7"s as well.) So Cheval Sombre is the first act signed to Dean and Britta's new label so I thought it would be fitting to link a video from their movie 'Tell Me Do You Miss Me' of them playing 23 Minutes in Brussels.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Love Is All - Used Goods 7"

My friend Doug got me this 7" from their show at the Market Hotel (I think.) I was playing records for my friend's birthday so I couldn't make the show. I saw them later that tour at Knitting Factory with my friend Matty and it was one of the most upbeat and energetic shows I've seen in awhile. They're new album is OK but the first one is really solid. The B side is Motor Boat which is a cover by Kim Fowley (I have no idea who Kim Fowley is.)

Love Is All - Used Goods 7"

Tuscadero - The Remixes EP 7"

This 7" pretty much sucks. There's no real reason for it but I posted it in case anyone wanted to take a listen. I love Tuscadero but all of these remixes are pretty half-ass and sloppy. Enjoy!

I just found this video of them playing a couple songs on some show called Slumber Party TV Show. After watching, I really hope they do another reunion show. I drove from NYC to D.C to go to the Teen Beat anniversary show and it was so fun. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hum - Comin' Home 7"

I found this 7" in my old college radio office. I was pretty obsessed with Downward is Heavenward in high school so I was pretty psyched to find it. The B side is called Puppets.

Beth Gibbons & Rustin Man - Tom the Model 7"

When this album came out I went to see them perform at Saint Anne's Warehouse in Dumbo, NYC. I couldn't convince anyone to come with me so I had to go alone. I got lost on the way and ended up on some shady desolate street in DUMBO. Right as I realized I was on the wrong street, a car rolled up to me real slow and stopped. I was about to start running when this Canadian girl (who drove all the way from Toronto) asked me if I knew where Saint Anne's Warehouse was. I told her I was going there too but I was lost. She invited me into her car and we eventually found the venue and the show was really great. 

Digital Hardcore

I was really into digital hardcore for a hot second in high school. During that time I bought these two 7 inches and the Atari Teenage Riot cd. I think both of these 7 inches sound a bit dated but the Shizuo 7 inch is better. 

Shizuo - Sweat 7"

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Video Thursday

Tomorrow is my birthday. I try to listen to this song (english version) every year. This will have to do. 

Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Vibrarians - Red Light 7"

I really don't know anything about this band. I was at Other Music this afternoon recovering from a brunch buzz and I thought the cover looked cool. Also they're on K Records so I thought I would try it out. Pretty good lo-fi rock with muted female vocals. Also as a bonus's a remix I made for Sonic Youth's Song for Reverse Karaoke off their Sensational Fix ep. 

The Vibrarians - Red Light 7"

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Video Thursday

Since I'm in Florida, I thought this was fitting...

I'm headed to the airport and back to NYC so I thought this was fitting...

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Velocity Girl - Sorry Again 7"

This is the second Velocity Girl 7" I've uploaded. There's not much more to say than they're awesome and you should download this. The B side is Marzipan. 

Velocity Girl - Sorry again 7"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bunnygrunt - Standing Hampton 7"

I used to have a radio show in college. My friend Justin and I used to play all sorts of indie rock/pop/etc and basically no one listened. It was still pretty fun though and I scored a lot of free records from it. Justin would always play Bunnygrunt's cover of Holiday Road from the Double Agent 1980 comp. The Softies also did a great cover of Rick Astley's Together Forever.

Bunnygrunt - Standing Hampton 7"