Thursday, January 29, 2009

Bush Tetras - Rituals 12"

Bush Tetras were around in the early 80s in NYC. I first heard them on the New York Noise comp that Soul Jazz put out in like 2003 or so. They got back together first in the 90s then again in 2005/2006 and toured. I didn't get a chance to see them but I heard their shows were pretty good.

Here's a Youtube video of Bush Tetras performing Cowboys in Africa which is a track on the B side of this 12"

Shoplifting - Hegemony Enemy/Talk of the Town 7"

I don't really love this band. They're Huggy Bear-ish but not in the best way. I heard they once got all of their gear stolen from their tour van which is fitting. 

Courtney Love - Highlights 7"

Courtney Love is Lois Maffeo and Pat Maley (founder of Yoyo Recordings.) I'm pretty sure Courtney Love (of Hole) ripped off her name from this band. I like Lois' voice a lot and both her solo stuff and her album with Brendan Canty are great.

Velocity Girl - Your Silent Face 7"

Gay guys love Velocity Girl. I know three guys that have/had VG related aim names. They are another band that my friend Mike introduced me to in high school. The A side of this 7 inch is a cover of New Order's Your Silent Face and the B side is a cover of the Beach Boys' You're so good to me. Both are pretty solid.

Vivian Girls - Wild Eyes 7"

So many people hate this band but I kind of like them. I got this 7 inch at Other Music but didn't listen to it right away. I should have ripped it and sold it on ebay but that seemed like too much work. Even though they play pretty much every week in Brooklyn, I have yet to see them live. 

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance 7"

I love this song. I tried to sing it at karaoke once and it sucked big time. This 7" includes the 7 inch mix and the 'Electro Ski Mix.' These lyrics are awesome.

Whos that gigolo on the street
With his hands in his pockets and his crocadile feet
Hanging off the curb, looking all disturbed
At the boys from home. they all came running
They were making noise, manhandling toys
Thats the girls on the block with the nasty curls
Wearing padded bras sucking beers through straws
Dropping down their drawers, where did you get yours?

Neneh Cherry - Buffalo Stance 7"

Also the video is definite classic.

Cheyne - Call Me Mr. Telephone 12"

I purchased this 12" because I like the original by the italo disco group Answering Service. Apparently this cover hit number one on the U.S Hot Dance Club Play chart in 1985. Cheyne was a teenager at the time. According to Wikipedia, Cheyne now lives in London and is pursuing a career as a country singer. Parts of this song sound very karaoke but it's still pretty fun.

This video is ridiculous.

The Gist

When I studied abroad in Manchester, UK I met my friend Gareth who introduced me to Young Marble Giants. From there I discovered The Gist (Stuart and Philip Moxham of YMG.) I think I got these 7 inches on ebay.

The Jesus and Mary Chain - Reverence 12"

I'm not the hugest Jesus and Mary Chain fan but I somehow ended up with this 12". I don't even remember buying it. Nonetheless, it's pretty solid. 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ladies Who Lunch - Kims We Love + Everybody's Happy Nowadays

Ladies Who Lunch is Kate Schellenbach (ex drummer of Beastie Boys and Luscious Jackson) and Josephine Wiggs. They recorded these two 7 inches in the mid 90s on Grand Royal Records. The 'Kims We Love' 7 inch includes covers of Sonic Youth's Bull in the Heather and The Pixies' Gigantic. When I was in college I'd spend hours writing emails trying to get new records for my radio show. Since it was broadcast on a television (behind the cafeteria's lunch menu) a lot of promo guys wouldn't send me records. The Everybody's Happy Nowadays 7 inch is one pretty decent score from those days.

Lugworm - Te lo dir'o

Lugworm was a Scottish band that recorded in the mid to late 90s. To my knowledge they only released two 7 inches. This one and a split with Bis. When I was a nerdy teenager, I wrote them a letter and said that I really liked this 7". They wrote back 7 months later and told me they were surprised that the record made it out of Scotland and that they broke up. 

Sandie Shaw - Hand in Glove 12"

I really love Sandie Shaw's voice a lot. I haven't heard much of her original stuff but her covers are pretty great. I also have her Reviewing the Situation album where she covers 'Lay Lady Lay' and 'Sympathy for the Devil.' Every time I put the album on someone tells me that they love it. In 1984 she replaced Morrissey and covered three Smiths songs (Hand in Glove, I Don't Owe You Anything and Jeane.) I'm a pretty huge Smiths fan and these covers are also tops.

Sandie Shaw - Hand in Glove 12"

Here is a video of Sandie Shaw performing Hand in Glove with the Smiths on Top of the Pops.

Royal Trux Make Big Bux

I braved the snowstorm today and hit up this record store in my hometown and picked up this record. I'm actually not a huge fan of Royal Trux but I purchased it anyway. I've listened to it three times already and I like it a lot.

hello hello hello hello hello

This is a brand spanking new site where I will upload tons of 7 inch/10 inch/12 inch singles that I enjoy. I feel like Tuscadero is a good start. My friend Mike introduced them to me when we were 17. I saw them once at Tramps (RIP) with Starry Eyes (ex Velocity Girl) and Bis. I'll be uploading singles by both those bands very soon. These versions are more rough sounding than the ones on the Step into My Wiggle Room album.