Monday, April 20, 2009

Poly Styrene - Talk in Toytown 7"

Poly Styrene, real name Marian Joan Elliott Said, was the singer of the awesome punk band X-Ray Spex. I remember my friend Mike got in trouble for having "Oh Bondage Up Yours" scrawled on his knapsack. These two tracks are a bit different than her other stuff... it's a lot jazzier but definitely worth listening to. 

I love this "As a teenager, she was something of a "barefoot hippie". At aged 15, she ran away from home with just £3 in her pocket. She hitchhiked from one music festival to another staying at crash pads. She thought of this as challenge to survive. The adventure ended when, possibly hallucinating she stepped on a rusty nail and had to be treated for septicaemia."

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